About Us

Who we are?

Logic Mind Information Technology Services Company is one of Afghanistan's leading ICT solution providers, that registered with licence # 44701 at Directorate General of Central Business Registry & Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce and Industries.

Logic Mind Technologies are built on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) engineering experience, providing modern, secure and expert solutions to your organization needs. Logic Mind’s development team uses the latest web-based and innovative technology solutions for companies with all business backgrounds. We provide you customized services and solutions that align with your specific demands and business goals.

What Makes us Special?

We think differently. We stand out from the crowd but for all the right reasons. We innovate, move fast and constantly challenge ourselves to come up with better ways of doing things.
But it’s not just about the ideas, it’s all about taking action. We empower our society to make decisions and take ownership of their ideas. We make things happen and most importantly we get results.

Our Vision

Logic Mind vision is to be a key player in driving Afghanistan’s Society to Digital World in order to provide more accessibility and opportunities for our customers everywhere and every time.

Our Mission

Logic Mind Mission is to be the knowledgeable and professional ICT Company with Innovative think, high quality product and cost effective services to achieve customer satisfaction and give people and organization a modern life.

Our Value

Trust in God.
Impossible doesn't exist.
Innovative think.
Premium quality.
Team work.
Client first.
Simple and clear communication.
Stay secure.
Agile approach.
From provider to ‘partner’.
Develop our society.